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DAVIEL aka Davide Giannotti is an Italian visionary artist, dj-producer and sound therapist.

Since an early stage he dedicated himself to investigate the profound connections between frequencies, body, mind, nature and later gave birth to a music style called Psy-Dream, deep trance sounds made with harmonics scales often tuned with A=432Hz/C=256Hz inducing brainwave entrainment and change in state of consciousness.

He began his inspiring journey as a music therapist performing at healing centres and joining trance festivals worldwide.

He is currently teaching workshops in an art centre (Alquimia Healing Arts) based in Portugal. 





29/12/2018: COSMIC COVERGENCE festival, Guatemala (dj-set)(video)

17/02/2017: NU SEED, Costa Rica

12/01/2017: CACAO COVERGENCE, Guatemala

30/12/2016: COSMIC COVERGENCE festival, Guatemala

30/12/2015: COSMIC COVERGENCE festival, Guatemala (dj-set)

23/07/2015: TREE OF LIFE, Turkey (video)

13/07/2015: NEON festival, Turkey




This genre is originated with the purpose to harmonize the body vibrations, increase the brain functions and expand the awareness.

The Psy-Dream music is focused on the musical scales (pythagorean, Just Intonation) and in the key frequencies, often tuned with A=432Hz/C=256Hz, in according with the natural vibrations of body. 

Moreover, all the effects and instruments settings are based on the numbers and geometry of nature, Fibonacci's sequence, and some specific numbers like 8 and its harmonics.

The composition method, the deep melodies and the trance rhythms tend to alter the listener's mind, change the brainwaves and so the state of consciousness.

Psy-Dream is inspired from psychedelic trance music, downtempo and psy-chill; the tempo lies in the 72–144 BPM range and may also contain binaural beats and isochronic tones (brainwave entrainment).

This music, stimulates your brain to lower its waves till 8-4 Hz (Theta waves), the same as when meditating or dreaming, hence the name.


- Experiments -


- 2019 - [Om Mantra Records]

real alchemy


- 2019 -

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- 2017 - [Conclave Records]



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- 2016 - [Conclave Records]



- 2014 - [Blitz Studios]



- 2016 -[Conclave Records]

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M.A.S. - Music for Altered States


Music for Altered States is a multisensorial experience subtly designed for letting you embrace a change in perceptions and a long lasting focus. 
All the sounds have been created with intentional frequencies ans progressions to actively unleash a natural state of ecstasy and bliss, expanding the ordinary state of consciousness. 

Trance Dance is a track specifically composed to reach a trance state through dancing. 
Let yourself be possessed by the rhythm, establish a connection to the ground and dance it out all the emotions. 
It's recommended to use a blindfold for a better experience.

This track is made to increase the effects in a ceremony with cacao. 
Listening to the rhythm will clear the mind and give you a deep focus, feeling the energy rising from the body to the brain.

Track made with specific frequencies that enter in resonance with B-Carboline (I-MAO) Armine, Armaline, Tetrahydroharmine and stimolate the natural release of DMT. 
It's IMPORTANT to listen with good headphone at low volume. 
It can be also play with speakers to increase the power of Peganum Harmala or Ayahuasca. 
Play once or twice is enough to get all the effects.



The intention, feelings and intuitions elaborated by the Artist, are electromagnetically imprinted inside the harmonic sequences, notes and melody of the composition, transmitted by the sound waves as a subliminal informations, stimulating the listener's emotions at a deeper level.

The harmony, melody and the song's arrangement are the unique and unrepeatable composer's signature .
Because of that the same melodic composition can never give the same feelings and sensations to the people (like the original one).
Whenever you listen to music, you may unconsciously have access to all the informations of the song, included the state of mind and

all the author's sensations (images, thoughts, feelings) imprinted in sound in a magnetic/energetic way.


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